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Updated December 16, 2013



A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess

“Even for a non-chess player, there would be a type of intrigue by knowing that such an enigmatic game has such a rich history and connection to the arts. Some consider chess a sport, science, game and art. With the exhibit “A Queen Within,” one can definitely see another aspect of its artistic expression. Well done!”

—Daim Shabazz, The Chess Drum


“…A rich, rare and thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I think it’s a great contribution to the quality of life here. Although I walk past the Chess Hall of Fame most days on my walk with my husband and I watched it take shape, I had never been inside. It’s amazing how much value, beauty and interest you were able to pack into two floors. Very impressive and a rewarding discovery!”


“…World class and raised the bar in St. Louis for events of this nature.” (Queen’s Gala)


“…Moving and inspiring… the whole city is in awe. Thank you for making this a better city through your vision, leadership and hard work.”


“You brought the town’s sexy vibe up 100%” (Queen’s Gala)


“It’s much more extensive than I thought it would be! AND the exhibition of the pieces is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!”


“Many congratulations on a wonderful exhibition! It’s imaginative and beautiful and remarkable!”

“Thank you… World Chess Hall of Fame team for bringing A Queen Within to the Lou. For bringing something so inspiring and inclusive to our lives and our home – and doing it with such great style and flair.”


“I was blown over”


“My mind is blown”


“This is beyond a world class fashion exhibit”


“Are you kidding? It sounded so boring- I’m amazed!”


“Like nothing I’ve seen”




“Amazing and breathtaking”




“So amazing”


“Like a fairy tale”


“So not what I expected”


“Do people know about this?” 


“Just spectacular and sooo not the usual St. Louis sort.” 


“It really is a flawless flower bud. What’s next?”