November 11, 2011

What is the World Chess Hall of Fame?

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Guido InstallationWorks by artist, Guido Van der Werve

Come Check Out the World Chess Hall of Fame!

So what’s this chess thing about, anyways? You may have heard about the World Chess Hall of Fame on the news or seen us as you hurry into Starbucks in the Central West End, but what is the World Chess Hall of Fame? We are a nonprofit arts-based cultural institution dedicated to the game of chess. In other words, we exhibit art inspired by chess. The World Chess Hall of Fame exhibits the work of internationally recognized artists and craftsmen, broadening the visitor’s understanding of chess and its significance in our culture. We are also home to the U.S. and World Chess Halls of Fame. At the World Chess Hall of Fame, visitors are able to explore chess in its many forms–broadening the scope of the visitor’s notion of the game and its impact on our culture. So come in and see what the excitement is all about– we are open Wednesday - Sunday and welcome visitors of all ages!