December 21, 2011

December Family Day A Great Success

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December Family Day Activity 2011Participants in the December Family Day event creating their own mosaics.

Fun with Mosaic at December Family Day!

The World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) kicked off the holiday season on Saturday, December 3, 2011. Q Boutique debuted a festive storefront display for the Central West End’s annual Window Walk (don’t forget to check it out and cast your vote!) while visitors and education staff celebrated the WCHOF’s second Family Day!

This month, guests learned about the art of mosaic. Just as 64 smaller squares come together to create a chessboard, thousands of smaller shapes combine in a mosaic to form larger images and designs. After looking at the use of color, design, and pattern in the exhibition galleries, families headed to the third floor to make their own mosaic images. Over 40 visitors of all ages engaged in art and artmaking during the three sessions.

January’s Family Day will explore will explore chess sets from Asia in the second-floor exhibition Chess Masterpieces: Highlights from the Dr. George and Vivian Dean Collection. Featured art projects will allow visitors to decorate a dragon (a traditional symbol of good luck in many Asian cultures, particularly during the Chinese New Year) and create origami versions of chess-related symbols.

Family Days are designed for chess players and non-chess players alike. A new theme and craft are featured every month, so make sure to drop in on the first Saturday of each month to check it out!