January 30, 2012

Unique Chess Sets at Q Boutique

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Unique Chess Sets at Q Boutique

New chess sets have arrived at Q Boutique!

strato-chess250px72dpiStrato Chess, now available at Q Boutique!

Play day or night with the LED Glow Chess Set. This unique set will have you in awe as the pieces light up when they touch the board. If you are looking for a more traditional set, try the elegant wooden board which includes storage space for the beautifully carved pieces. This set will have you playing like a grandmaster!  Take your game to the next dimension with the 3D Strato Chess Board. Players not only play in the typical front-to-back and left-to-right fashion, but also up and down. 

Whether you are buying for yourself or friends and family, these boards will never be a bust, so make your move to Q Boutique today!