March 22, 2012

World Chess Hall of Fame Announces New Teacher Resources

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World Chess Hall of Fame Announces New Teacher Resources´╗┐


The World Chess Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the launch of World on a Board, a multidisciplinary curriculum to be available to educators around the country and world. The curriculum, which consists of 36 lesson plans, includes activities for primary (K-4) and middle school (5-8) students, and meets state standards in fine arts, social studies, and communication arts. Being humanities-based, the lessons explore the history and context of the game and game pieces and are designed for all students, regardless of their skill or interest in playing chess.

Using the six chess pieces (king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, pawn) as inspiration, the activities look at the symbolism behind each piece, how they have changed across place and time, and their connections to the game of chess.

World on a Board will be available electronically and at no cost on the World Chess Hall of Fame’s website. For more information, please contact Claire Grothe at (314) 367-9243 ext. 105 or