April 18, 2012

Chess in Fashion

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Chess in Fashion

japan-vogue506px72dpiJune/July Japan Vogue

Chess permeates popular culture in a variety of ways, including fashion. Whether the game is referenced for its connotations of intelligence or is simply provides a geometric backdrop to showcase a garment, chess has graced publications such as Vogue and inspired designers like Alexander McQueen. McQueen staged his Spring/Summer 2005 fashion show around chess – entitling the collection, “It’s Only a Game.” According to the designer, “[In this collection] the idea of the chess game meant that we looked at six different types of women, women on opposing sides.”

Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 (part 2)

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was selected to star alongside actress Liv Tyler in a campaign for the G-Star RAW World Chess Challenge. The chess master is currently ranked number one in the world (the youngest ever), yet is not the current World Champion. The G-Star RAW World Chess Challenge provided Carlsen the opportunity to prove his skills by defeating over 70,000 online opponents. Carlsen appeared in numerous ad campaigns showcasing G-Star’s hard line fashions.

Chess has served as an inspiration to designers and also has continued to be used as a prop in fashion advertising, indicating that the garments are designed for sophisticated wearers with intellectual prowess.  The game continues to be a creative resource with endless interpretations. 

dermot-byrne-photography506px72dpiDermot Byrne Photography