July 9, 2014

Living Like Kings—Call for Content

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Living Like Kings  Vision Wall, 2014

Living Like Kings  Vision Wall, 2014

Call for Content

If someone said, “Show me how Hip Hop lives in Saint Louis,” what would you share with them? 

If someone said, “Show me how Chess lives in Saint Louis,” what would you share with them?

This fall, the World Chess Hall of Fame will delve into the overlapping cultures of Hip Hop and chess through the exhibit Living Like Kings. Hip Hop and chess share a rich history—as cultural touchstones, tools for community building, and avenues for understanding.

The exhibit will take the form of an immersive moving image and sound collage featuring historical and current photography, interviews, iconic footage and audio, illustration and more. We want to ensure that the living, breathing images and sounds of the current Saint Louis chess and hip hop scenes, both separately and together are represented. This is where you come in.

We’re looking for audio, video and photography that shows hip hop and/or chess in Saint Louis. Content will be considered for use in the exhibit. Credit and usage details depending on type of inclusion. No material will be used in the exhibit without notification. 

To avoid a lot of large files, please submit your content via a link—Dropbox, Soundcloud, Youtube (private or public) link, etc—using this form.

Your stories, sights and sounds can add a regional layer to this unprecedented exploration of the overlap of these vibrant passions and cultures.


Stay tuned to worldchesshof.org/livinglikekings for future updates!